Party Banner Package Pal Swap

I signed up for a package pal swap and this is my gift for my pal. A Celebrate banner and garland. She told me in an email that she loved to plan themed parties. So I thought to myself, self,  "if she loves parties she would like a party banner" (well I hopped anyway). The banner is made in neutral colors so she can tie on ribbons, and balloons in the party colors.

I just love the little scalloped banner that I made go to with it, or use alone.

Here is a close up of the little scallop banner. I punched out the scallop circles, folded in half and hot glued them on crochet thread. Added a tied loop at each end, so the banner can be looped over a tree limb, or shelf corner or what ever, where ever needed to hang up a little party cheer.

Notice the pillows in the background. I got the pillow covers all finished. I am very pleased with the turn out. So love the fabric.


  1. Yes! She did like the party banner, and the cute mini :-)

  2. That banner is awesome! You did such a great job on it!

  3. Cute! I love party supplies... what a great thing to get in the mail!