April Card Swaps part 5

Card by Becky K. Becky thinks she isn't a very good stamper... what do you think? Leave a comment here on Becky's card and be entered in a drawing for a prize. Let build Becky's stamping confidence. I happen to love this card - love the words, love the flower, love the colors, love the layout, and love the design on the envelope flap too.

Oh this amazing card is by the one and only Anita T. Anita is the most detailed stamper I know. She not only goes over board on the card front, but see the envelope peeking out and the rhinestone on it.

Anita also razzle dazzles up the inside of the card too. Over the top, stamped to the hilt is Anita's style.
Show Your Razzle Dazzle Today!

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