Roses from Annette Coon

My dear friend Annette gave me this beautiful rose bush in a sack a few years back, "Happy Secretary's Day" she said, thank you for being such a great secretary. I have treasured this for years I moved it two years ago to a new home near my back door. We use our back door the most and all my friends and family come in the back door too - so this was a perfect welcome to anyone entering.
 This year it has especially done an amazing job of growing and blooming. I cannot believe this is my first blooms of the season. So perfect, so beautiful. Just like the love Jesus has for us.
  I love this rose bush. I love what it reminds me of. I love my dear friend Annette.
I especially love the fact that I haven't killed it yet! ha! The rain drops on it was so pretty this morning I just had to share and tell Annette thank you once again for this beautiful reminder of her. May you be reminded the beauty we have in Jesus and the precious people he puts in our lives.

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