Garden Before & After

Before, but after the new cement.
After, with flowers and new fence.

Close up of the 3 tier crazy pots. I put holes in all the pots and drove re-bar into the ground, guiding the largest pot hole on the re-bar to the ground, filling with gravel (for better drainage) then potting soil, then adding the 2nd pot on top of the 1st pot, and setting it a bit crocked, and doing the same for the 3rd pot. Filled with flowers.... super duper happy with the way it came out.

And for the little fence I have been waiting for hubby to build for oh..... ever! I wanted to hide the trash can, air conditioner, gas tank ugliness... and here is the cute till fence that dose the job. Plus is makes a great background for the table and chairs. It is awaiting a couple of finials on the post ends. The rubber boots that are sitting on the chair will be painted with some cuteness and filled with flowers next year. I just love whimsy in the garden. I am not the much of a gardener, but making it a little silly, helps to make my mistakes look good! Ha!


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