Balls of Trash!

 While making my daughters table runners for the wedding... a thought came to me. "Hey wait, don't throw this away!" I had some styrofoam balls on hand and thought, what would it look like if I wrapped the strings from the burlap edges that I was tossing away look like?
 Well check this out! Pretty cool huh. Well I thought so, and it will go with the wedding decor as well. So here we go again RR&R. Reduce Reuse and Recycle! From trash to treasure. burlap wrapped balls. All it took was the strings wrapped around the ball and then looped under another string wrap to secure. I am sure I could have hot glued it, but that would have taken effort to get out the gun and plug it in and ... well you know the routine. This really just took me seconds to make.
I ended up with a small, medium and large burlap wrapped ball, just perfect for added decor at the wedding. And it was free, well almost. I did have to buy the burlap for the table runners, but I used what was going to end up in the trash, and I had to buy the balls - but you could use anything round trash thingy of some sort if ya don't have any extras.
Happy Trash Wrapping!

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