Wedding Stationary

My daughter, our baby (till we adopted another, so now she is our middle daughter) is getting married. I don't know if I should celebrate or cry. I not sure I am ready to give her away yet.... but are we ever ready to give our children away? Well.... I guess it would depend on the child! I bet my parents would have given me away at an early age if for nothing, but all the fighting I did with my younger sister. My wonderful mother in law said, "you are not giving her away, you are gaining another".  Ok... enough wise mother in law wisdom for one blog post. 

On to the card idea. Well here is the first attempt at wedding announcements. He didn't like the green, she didn't like all the brown or the strip at the bottom edge. So we are moving on and coming up with more ideas. More to come as we prepare and make and sweat and stress and... well all that fun stuff that goes into putting a perfect wedding day together. If you don't hear from me for long periods of time... that is because I found a rock to crawl under and hide till it is over! heehee
Happy Planning (I think)!

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