Wedding DIY

I promised to share the DIY we did at the wedding, so here ya go! Hope you are inspired.

The cake I made. The happy couple wanted a dessert bar, so the cake was little. She didn't want anything traditional. So bumpy frosting, and a little bit of flowers left from those used in the table bouquets. I made his favorite red velvet and her favorite dark chocolate each a layer with buttercream frosting.  I made the cake stand too. I found the plate and candle holder at a second hand store for less then $4. A bit of E3000 adhesive and a few hours to dry -makes a beautiful cake plate and wedding gift.

 We lost a tree to a storm in October and it was perfect timing to use some of the branches to make wooden disks for signs for the wedding. I painted a few signs one for the bathroom, and directional signs to get there. One for the video booth, and a few "love" signs, sorry I don't have pictures of them. And these that were hung from the back of the chairs. "Brideveld" and "Goomveld." The "veld" comes from there last name Blijerveld.
 Emily's flowers with the locket of her grandma.
Balls wrapped in scraps from the burlap that ran down the center of the tables.
 The wedding invitation, I shared more in an earlier post. 
The table scapes were a collection of clear glass containers I had around the house and a few picked up from Goodwill, old books, old sheet music, little frames I found at good will and a few of that fallen tree limb disks. I was lucky enough to have a friend that was married this last summer and she bought twin size sheets for the table clothes, and she let us use them, they were perfect, no one knew they were eating off a sheet! Thank goodness for my mother in law who ironed all 17 of them. Burlap ran the length of the tables. As you can see from this silly picture!

 The tree limb candle holders were also from the fallen tree, and Emily's grandpa's and sister help in cutting, sanding, and drilling them out.
 Each of the frames had a different picture of saying in them.

 We found some interesting jar fillers at JoAnn's, there were quite the conversation piece around the table. I made all the table scape items a few months before the big date, so it made for a fun crafting day.
This one has to be my favorite. I layered acorns from the yard and some moss and fillers in the jar before adding the flowers. This one greeted you at the door on the sign in table. The guest book was a handmade address/birthday/anniversary/email/phone book that I had made. Sorry I don't have a picture of that. It was great that everyone could sign in and the couple could have all there info too.

I had help with making the desserts, and I am sorry I don't have a picture of that dessert table to share yet. Hopefully someone at the wedding has one and will share in time. There was truffles, cheesecake, pie, cobbler, peanut butter cookie balls, lots of different kinds of cookies, cake bites, tea, cappuccino, and hot coco.
Happy Wedding Bliss!

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