Chalk board Technique

 The more I use this technique the more I love it. It will take some pre planning on your lay-out. But after that, it is just 5 easy steps. You will need: card stock. Versa mark ink, white embossing powder, white water color pencil, white water color crayon and white craft ink pad. All of these supplies are available for order from my web site. Chalk boards do not always have to be black. I think you could use any dark color to achieve the look.

 First, here is the pre-planning part; pick out the elements that you want to pop off the chalk board. A good rule of thumb is usually the words or greetings. 1. Stamp them using the versa mark and then emboss with the white embossing powder. I tried it using the white craft pad, but didn't like it as much. Usually using white craft with white embossing powder, gives a bolder look, but mine just wasn't getting it for me.
2. Then stamp your next images in white craft ink. Using a older or drier craft ink works a bit better in giving you a different or lighter tone of white on the card stock. You can hit the craft ink with the heat gun to dry it a little quicker. 3. Then color in any swirly spots or place using the white watercolor pencil. Then using a ruler or any straight edge, make some detail lines. This really gives the piece that chalk board design look.
 You want your lines to stop and start around any stamp design. As you can see from my not so centered "thank you" image. Hey, it is art.... it is not to be perfect.

 I may have shared this before... about being perfect in stamping.... well, anything really. Perfection is a stressful word. Stamping art is to be fun, relaxing, and a place you can loose yourself in. Don't strive to be perfect at it, just strive to have fun and make time to do it!

 4. Then using the water color crayons, one of my utmost favorite products. Color in a bit of the background using a light hand and making the lines all in one direction. This really brings out and image and adds a little bit more of the chalk board look.
 Lastly what all chalk boards have is dust. You need to make the dust on your art. 5. Using a paper towel and your white craft ink pad, tap in the ink, dab a bit off on your blotter pad. (Blotter pad: is what you use under your stamp area). Dabbing off will lessen the chance of getting to much dust on your art. Rub the paper towel with ink on the ares you want a bit of dust. A little? A lot? It is up to you. Just remember to start with a little, and add a bit more till you get the look you want. I have tried using a sponge and a dauber to make the dust, but the paper towel seams to do the trick just perfect. Who knew that white had so many shades??
I embossed a butterfly and cut it out and pop dotted over my ribbon knot. I wanted to add some dimension to my card. Card Stock used: Black, Gray and pretty in pink. All the tools, inks, stamps are from my favorite place to shop. Stampin Up!
Dust is sometimes a good thing!

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