My Paper Pumpkin Arrived

Look what arrived in the mail a few days ago. My Paper Pumpkin Box. I really wanted to tear into it... but ran and got the camera so I could share the excitement with you too.
   I lifted the lid to find this pretty wrapped gift and welcome card.
 I squealed, giggled, and clapped with glee when I found all this packed inside. I am so nerdy... what would it have been like if there was a pile of cash in that box.... probably would have passed out!  There was a free clear block for me to use on the next upcoming stamping paper pumpkin projects. And... a mini stamp pad, two super cute stamps, amazing card stock already cut and scored to make the folding easy, background papers for four cards and envelops, buttons, lovely card stock repositional stickers and....
... full color easy to follow instructions, in English, French, and Spanish if you need.

 Put the stickers on the stamps and.....
 ... cling the stamps to the clear block and......
... create some really wonderful works of quick and easy art.
 You know me, I just couldn't make them all the same like the directions said. And I wanted you to see some different layout designs as well. I think this helps to get those creative juices going.
 I had to switch them up a bit. Within as little as 15 minutes I had four great greeting cards ready to sign, seal and deliver. These are great for doing that old fashion hand written note thing.... remember that far back? I  plan to use a few for birthdays too.
Here they all are, with stamped envelops too. I hope you hop on over to (click on the colored underline link to get there the easy way) and sign up for your very own kit. Please be sure to find me as your demonstrator. If you sign up by the 10th of each month you will receive your special box in the mail around the 15th or so. You can stop receiving the kit at anytime, ( I hope you never stop it) you can get a few extra kits and use them as gifts.
Hurry, don't miss out on the best talk of the town. 
My Paper Pumpkin makes me Happy!

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