Tissue Holders

I have made about 50 of these little beauties using Stampin Up's beautiful fabric. They are birthday gifts for all my club gals... oops their goes the surprise! Well I have been asked to share the recipe on how to make these. Well here ya go....
You will need to cut five pieces of fabric from scraps or fat quarters. It is best to iron your fabric before cutting so you get a better measurement.
Cut two pieces of fabric at 4"x4" and three pieces of fabric 4"x5 3/4".
Fold the two 4"x4" pieces in half and iron.
Fold two of the 4"x5 3/4" pieces in half lengthwise and iron. 
The third 4"x5 3/4" piece will be used for the back of the tissue holder. 

Lay the flat 4" x 5 3/5" piece face up on the table in front of you. Then lay one of the folded 4"x5 3/4" with the fold to the center, and the cut edges to the outside.

 Lay one of the 4"x4" folded pieces with the folder edge to the center, and the cut edges to the outside, lay it over the last layer as shown in above picture.

Lay the seconded 4"x4" piece under the first layer, matching cut edges, and folder edge to the center.
Using the last 4"x5 3/4" piece, layer one end under and one end over the 4"x4" pieces. Be sure the folded edge is to the center and the cut edge is to the outside. Pin everything in place.
Sew all around the outside edge about 1/4". I used a surger stitch, but a straight stitch and a zig-zag will work too.
Turn the holder right side out, and press it. The corners will not be sharp, but it is not needed for the holder. Slip in a mini tissue package.
Here is a box of some that I have done. I wrapped them in a med cello bag and taped them closed to keep them clean till they are given away. Super quick and fun. Great gifts. These would be great for those who need a hug, a get well, even a tear dried.  If you need help with this project, you can leave me a comment below, and I will get back to you ASAP.

I have made and plan to make a few more sets of coasters using this same pattern. The fabric cutting guide is five pieces of 5"x5" square, fold four in half, layer, sew and turn the same as above.

Increase the square size to make pot holders, just add a layer or two of quilt batting to absorb the heat. Hope you are inspired to create using our great fabric too.
Happy Stampin Up Fabric!

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