30 Sucks

We pulled off a surprise 30th Birthday party for my sweet (not legal adopted) daughter Nikki. I made a few DYI crafts I think you might like to see.
 These are pill containers that hold 7 days of pills. Well I filled them with M&M's and stamped a few 7 letter words, cut them out and popped them over the days of the weeks on the lids. I made a "get well", "cheer up", and a "30 sucks". I keep these on hand as you never know when someone needs a little cheering up or a little get well love.
 Using the same number set, I stamped a few more number 30's and glued them over an oval punch and taped that to a tooth pick and made a few cup cake sticks. Ya there are really 30 candles in that little cake! Sponge Bob was a hit for a 30 sucks party theme.
 Here is the birthday girl next to my dad. But check out the suckers... I stuck 30 suckers in to a wrapped foam brick and stamped "30 sucks" cut them out and popped dotted them to the front suckers! ha funny little funny huh!
I made her card out of the birthday decoration wrapper and stamps. She wasn't to mad at us for making fun of her getting older. All in good fun and lots of love.  Happy Birthday Nic!
Stamp a Birthday Party Happy!

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