March Snow

 I would like to say... I hate snow. But I really don't, unless I have to get out in it. And I won't!  I do love being snowed in. It is a great excuse to not work, to stay in bed a little longer, read a few more chapters, eat warm soup, work on a cozy quilt and stamp a few cards, oh and sit by the fire place and drink hot tea or cocoa.
 It looks like we were having a blizzard, but it was just snowing really hard, really fast, and really big flakes.... really! I know this is nothing to some, but wow to others.

I just think it is so beautiful. It has this peaceful hush about it. It is like a protected covering of clean, white newness. A stillness, a deepening connection to the Father. A place of rest. It is so still, and quite I can hear His breath, feel His touch, see His light, know His ever loving presence within me.

Stop and listen sometime.... do you?
 This seams like the longest winter we have had in Indiana in many years, but what I am told it is about normal. What ever normal is.... Makes no difference to me, it is still beautiful to look at and marvel in the wonders of God.
 Look at this beautiful blessing God delivered to my back yard the morning after. What a beautiful way to wake up and watch while sipping coffee. Enjoying the good little things of life in abundance, makes the big bad things not so big.
This is our driveway looking across the road. A picture perfect sight to behold. All things clean and white. God's words in plain view, real life, alive and beautiful.
Praise Him for His Promises!

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