Watercolor Flight

I so love this card. I designed it for a bonus card for Card Club this month. My club ladies are going to loooove it when they find out how simple it is to do.

Maybe you would like to try the technique at home? Humm....  Maybe if you leave some comments at the bottom of this post telling me how much you want to know how to do this I will prepare a video to show you how. Lets see... can we collect 15 comments?

All you have to do is hit comment below, and type in a few words in the box, then choose a profile type, it can be anonymous, then hit post. I would like to know who posts, so if you do post and choose anonymous, leave your name in the box. It will not post right away, I have to approve it. That helps me to leave out the nasty posts that no one wants to read.

Hope to hear from you, because it would be great fun to make another video and show you how to do this fun easy trick.

Happy Commenting!


  1. i would love to know about this technique! come on everyone...i'm starting this off! leave a comment so deb will share this in a video! smiles, karen ;-)

  2. Isn't Debbie so creative. She is always making something that is so adorable. What a great video. She is just the best. Keep up the great and positive way to stamp.