My Fairy Garden

 Welcome to my little fairy garden. We lost a tree this past winter to a storm. Lucky my car wasn't parked near it as usual. I was at a Stampin Up workshop and the tree came done right where I park. We needed the wood and branches for Emily's wedding deco, so it was really a good thing. BUT it left a ucky stump in the yard. So seeing this idea on Pintrest, I went on the hunt in our stash of stuff to find what I could use to make my own little fairy garden. I built (with help from the men in the family) the roof top bird house out of scrap lumber and shingles. Once that was attached to the stump top. I cut and sanded and painted the door. I painted everything with outside paint and sprayed with a couple of clear sealer layers. I moved the moss from a flower pot at the front of the house. I don't think it will last for long, as it is now in a sunny area. But will see as time goes. Sorry this shot is a bit fuzzy.

 Here is a close up of the resident reading a book. I was given this little angle fairy and didn't have a place in the house for it so it set in a box for years. She now has her very own home! I still want to make a little sign for the front door. And put a blue rocks around the outer edges to make "water". My sweet grandsons made me a little wooden boat that I want to put in the "water". I planted a few of my favorite easy to grow garden flowers.
 I love this boot. One reason as it was my dads and I think it is perfect for the garden too. I drilled some holds in the bottom of it so the water would drain. Filled it with potting soil and put some flowers that love dry and hot areas.I hope that maybe I will get a blooming cherry tree planted near here this little house. Maybe next year.

This just makes me smile and giggle every time I look at it.  I love the way it turned out. Hope you are inspired to turn a loss of a great tree into something that will make you smile too!

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