Stampin Up's Home Office Tour

Guess where I was? Yep, we were treated to a really nice tour of the home office. Oh my what a beautiful building. This is where it all happens. I get your orders here, and fix boo-boos, and chat with staff.

 This is what and who you see upon walking in. There are two receptionists at the front today. What a place to work. This room is so pretty.... wait till you see it all!

 I call demo support with questions and help and for many things. There are really what keeps us demos on track!

 Most of the desks that we could see had little displays. Some funny like the one above, but most were like the picture below.

 I love this wreath.

 Clocks with times from around the world- because Stampin Up is all around the world!

 Samples from one of the displays cabinets.

This is looking down from the front door onto this amazing water feature. There are many dining tables let around it for the employees to enjoy their lunch and breaks. See that line.... that wrapped the room waiting to see the best room in the house. I didn't get to do that... to long of a wait, and my down-line buddy Karen who went with me had a broken foot, so we opt not to wait in line.

The next set is is the packing ware house. When I place an order for you, it goes here and then it is picked and packed and shipped. This is a huge building, and noisy, and all the employees were smiling! I would smile too if I got to eat lunch with my work buddies in the room above!

This kitchen amazed me. There were many many of the same appliance so you didn't have to wait in line for long to get your lunched warmed.

That is all for now. I will share more of convention and Stampin Up in the next few weeks. So if you are ever in Salt Lake City UT, you can get a tour too. You need to call ahead to see all of it, or you can go see the room I missed.

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