The Stamp Pad Mess!

Well here is what has been keeping me so busy and overwhelmed. Here is my house. Well a picture of our garage anyway. The before picture. As we built the house 16 years ago.
This is what it turned in to.....

 Here is the almost before shot after I had unloaded the all my craft (crap) as handsome (hubby) calls it.

And here is the after math of removing the garage door, and framing for windows. Oh yes... wait till you see the finished project! I am so gonna love the turn out. I hope those who come visit The Stamp Pad enjoys it too.
That is the back side of our contract Pat Miles. This guy is amazing! He has been doing all of the remodel in our home and we are so happy with the outcome. He is creative, listens to my every details of my likes and dislikes, he dose amazing work, he is affordable and honest. He dose what he says he is going to do! We are so happy with him and the work he is putting out. So if you are looking for a great contractor - contact Pat Miles at 812-340-2641

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