Where is the _______

You fill in the blank! I cannot fine anything to create with. Every craft, sewing, painting, stamping, item that was in The Stamp Pad has been moved... to five, yes five rooms in my home. It was six, but we had to clear out dads room because he is coming home this weekend. And I am sure he would like a bed to sleep in! It looks like someone took a blender and mixed things all up.
 It is in the new dining room.
 In the new garden room.... ya it is new and already a mess!
 In the library.
And two piles in the living room. This is just one.
Now this is where it really belongs, in The Stamp Pad! ha! Notice the new floor to the left of the picture... that is the new tile floor! Yippie!
And a pile on the table in The Stamp Pad.. Notice the new carpet? Doing the happy dance. Stay tuned for more before and afters and progress to The Stamp Pad.

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