Before and After Bathrooom

Here is the best view of our old bathroom! The shower curtain closed!

 See that little wall that  is dead space. Well not for long!
 Oh and this looks good! It is blurry - that makes the picture even better! This is the old, little, ucky shower.
And here is the new amazing beautiful shower. Pat our contractor was a wonderful help in designing this shower. Pat knocked out the little wasted space and made it all shower. He put in lights over the shower! It is great being able to see while showering. We used Italian travertene tile throughout the bath. We hit the jack pot while shopping at the big box building store and landed the medallion on the shower floor on sale.
Two shower heads are always better then one! Wow are these babies expensive... but oh so worth it. Bobby doesn't have to slouch anymore under a short shower head! I love tile on the diagonal. And I wanted it used in the shower. Well after chatting and laying out tile on the table a few dozen ways, this is what we came up with. The diagonal was to be in the center at first... but not around the great little cubbies show below. It was going to be way to much work, and possible breakage to do that around the cubbies, so we put it up top. I love it still and I got my diagonal tile too. Yippie!
 Pat designed the three cubbies on the back wall of the shower. It made a really great space for the showering necessities. I love that it is three different shelves, and not just one solid open space. When you find a contractor that listens to what you like, hire him! Pat listened to everything we told him, our likes and dislikes, and he made a few suggestions on cost effectiveness and the best way to complete the job. He explained every step of the process more then once to us. 
Here is the a close up shot of the medallion. I told ya it was beautiful. And look at the little bit of trim work on the seat edge.That was Pat's idea to give it a nice finish and pull the design in. Oh and it is a step in shower... so as handsome ages I won't have to lift him in to the shower! Shower curtain? What shower curtain? That baby stays open now to show off this beauty!
 We carried the tile around the back splash on the sinks and on the front of the tube. There are my mirrors in place all spray painted. The new faucets, and matching switch plates. I painted the little jars there on the left of the photo with the same paint as the mirrors are done in. We even found soap dispensers to match!
Here is a shot of the completed sink area. I am so happy with it. My son made the window cubbie between the mirrors years ago for me. I so love it. It keeps things organized and beautiful. He made it while visiting, and completed it in our barn. He was so funny because our tools and stuff are oh 100 years old! (well maybe not that old) He said "it was like working in horse and buggy days!" Really son,  how would he know what horse and buggy days were like.
 Here is the tile floor we had done a few months before we were even thinking about redoing the bath. Pat did a great job making it all work together. I have so wanted a tile front on our tub now for oh, 16 years. You know it is true. All good things do come to those who wait!
  Here is the oh so wonderful jet tub. Wow-zers it is ever heavenly. Pat ran the tile from the back of the sink all around to back of the tub. We just love it. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our new bath. You want one? Here is Pat's number again. 1-812-340-2641 He will be happy to put one in for you too...

No this wasn't a DIY on a less then a nothing budget. It is a full blow pay the contract and get what you want job. I DIY'ed the removal of the wall paper. Tip for removing wall paper that has been on the wall for oh 16 years: Fabric softener in a spray bottle mixed with hot water. Spray to soak twice, and lift off paper.

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