Thank You

Did you notice the strips of color behind the Thank you? Are you wondering how did I do that? Well my Stampin friends that attended Card Club last month learned all about it and got to do it for themselves.

I bet you want to know how too.... Ok I will share. It is really not hard. You just need some painters tape and an ink pad. Take a strip of tape and lay the sticky side on the ink pad. Oh no worries you won't ruin the pad. The lighter the color the more you have to rub the non sticky side of the tape in the ink. Then lift the tape from the ink and lay it on your card stock. Lightly smooth out the tape on the card stock. But not to hard as you don't really want a good stick. You just want to transfer the ink from the tape to the card stock. Then very carefully pull up the tape. Wa-la! its the ol' inked tape trick!

So now it is your turn! Try it out and let me know what ya think! 

Oh and by the way thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate each and everyone one of you that visit. Hope you enjoy the posts.

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