Just Make Art

The challenge of this one was to make a whimsey girl... well this one is whimsey alright! Here head is to big for her face and she looks like me... with a double/triple chin! She looks a bit cross eyed and her lips are crooked... ha. Good thing God is a better artist them me, we'd all be looking a little like her! Ha I crack myself up some days..... After pencil drawing her, I water-colored using my inktense pencils. LOVE them! I really like the fun design even if she is a cross eyed crooked lip fat head. Giggle giggle!

1 comment:

  1. Debbie you made a beatiful work. Even though she is a bit cross eued and what else you mentioned she is just so cute. And like in real life we arent all perfect...lol . Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Hugs from SPAIN