Look what they got for Christmas!

 The men in the family all got there two front teeth for Christmas! Here is Ed, Bob's dad with his. I bet him to ware them to church on Sunday... mom just about had a cow!
 Our son in law not only got new teeth he also got a stash to help fill in with the one he has! Emily wouldn't kiss him with his teeth in!

 My dad Sam wasn't quite sure what to do with a new pair, since he has had his old pair for 40 years! How ya like that new hair cut of his. I could have smacked the hair dresser. All he said was, "well it will grow back".

And here is Handsome with his new pair. We were all rolling on the floor laughing. What a fun day.
Sweet Boomer got a new bone - it is almost as big as him. He struts around with it in his mouth till it becomes to heavy to carry and then you here - bang, as he drops it on the floor! This one ot' to last him the year.
Hope your Christmas was a fun fill day like ours was.

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