Love to Scrapbook Page

I think this is such a fun idea for a scrap book page and really easy to do. You just need to take your time and do a little prep work for the mask. So keep ready and I will show you how to do this. 
Starting with the same size scrap card stock r or card board that your scrap page or card is you will make a circle. I used a lid from Stampin Up's embellishment containers. You can place your circle anywhere on the page you like, but remember that will be where the center of the star burst design will be. Then using a ruler, draw lines straight through the center of the circle.... or close to the center anyway. Be sure you have an even amount of sections. Then what I did to help me not cut out the wrong section, I made a "x" in every other section and only cut out those with the "x".
This is what you should end up with then every other section is cut out.
Then lay your starburst mask over your scrapbook paper or card and mist any kind of paint, sparkle spray you want. You can also sponge along the cut lines. I used Stampin Up's glitter mist. Let whatever you use a chance to dry, as to not smear it when removing the mask.
And this is what you end up with when you are finished. Awesome right!
 Here is a few close ups of what I added in the center of the star burst. But you could also use pictures and embellish a bit around the picture.
Where did you get the "love" from? This is from a lovely die set from Stampin Up (not available any longer). I cut it out using the word "love" and out amazing foil paper. Looks hard? Not at all when you know the secret. When using the detailed dies like this if you layer a double sheet of wax paper between your die and paper the design will release from the die every easily.
 Here is a shot of how I gathered up the doily. Cut the doily in half and then just pinch a bit across the fold line and crease to hold the gathers. Tuck the cut edge under elements to hid it.

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