More Organization

Are you sick of hearing about origination yet?  Hope not cuz I have another one to share. So how do you feel about organizing your sewing stuff and things? Ya a mess for some? Me included. These cutting pad have been leaned up against a wall behind a TV cart for ever so long AND I hated it. When I wanted to use them I had to lay them flat for a while to get the curl out from them leaning so long. So I fixed it.

I had some (oh the name escapes me now) safe to stick to the wall hooks. (what the heck are they called) Well you know what I mean. I stuck them to the inside of my closet door. I didn't have the correct hooks (you know use what ya have) so had to adjust..... as the holes wouldn't fit the hook and hang right.
I used a binder clip (ya I can remember what that is called!) to clip the pad and then hang it on the hook. It worked out so great.l I have all my clear cutting guides and my T-square all where they should be and not curling up behind a TV stand.

Hope this give you an idea to go hang something.. no not the kids or hubby! Ha have a happy day and laugh a little, even if it is at me and not remembering what those hooks are called... oh ya Command Hooks! Well Good Golly Miss Molly- it came to me!

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