I spent a little time playing around with a technique using salt! I know sounds weird! And even though I like the finished outcome of the the first three photos, the jury's still out the the bottom two.
 So if you want to try this at home... here is the how to. First on wax paper or an artist cloth, drop a few drips of dye ink in a few shades of color, then mist it with alcohol, then lay your card stock right in the mess. Once your card stock has absorbed some or all of the color, you can smoosh it around a little, or just lift it out of the ink puddle. There is no right or wrong to the smooshing - Just don't smoosh to much or you may end up with mud as a color. While wet, sprinkle on the salt, as much as you want, and then let it dry. You can use a heat gun to speed the drying process up a bit, but you will blow all that salt all over your work area and beyond!
 The top three samples I used a stencil over the salty mess. After the ink was dry I laid a stencil over it. IN the top two pictures I traced with a white gel pen and then colored in the areas. The above picture I inked using gold encore ink pad, then used the gold ink pen to outline the edges. I really like how the top three samples turned out. Now what am I going to do with all that background love????
 Here are a few more examples of just the card stock with the smooshed ink on it and then salted and dried. The brown and greenish sample just below was whipped with a paper towel to give it even more of a mess look.
 I hope you are inspired to try this little technique out. Some days are just a little more messier then others! Warning I wore die ink on my fingers for a few days!

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