Blooming Gorgeous

 I had to share my flower garden with you this year. It has just gone crazy gorgeous!
 This clematis was a gift from mom and dad about 3 years ago and it loves this spot. I cut if off to the ground in the fall, and clean it all up, and it comes back within a few weeks and bursts with these beautiful purple blooms.
 I know I have some seed harvesting to do. I dead head the flowers, and harvest the seed for next year. Why buy more, when they are free! As my Aunt Olga would say... "if it is free, it is me!"
 Most of the flowers I started by seed this past winter. I am so excited at how they have all bloomed and are healthy and growing like crazy. I plan to start seeds again come winter, but more this time!
 I added a few new rose bushes this year, and they are simply beautiful. All those year working in the flower shop and in the Green Room at Barstow Station (Barstow, California) as a kid has really paid off. Who remembers the "Barstow Station" as it used to be?????
 My marigolds are almost covering up my solar garden lights....
This is the front door walkway. I do many pots now as over the years after planting and re planting due to critter and dog digging, I gave up planting in the ground along the front of the house. I don't know what it is about that area, but they seam to love to dig there. I don't have that problem with the pots or on the other side of the house. Weird! 

 We almost missed the lily bloom week while gone on vacation. But we made it home to a few blooms left. Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my garden.

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