We spend a week away just the two of us on the biggest ship ever. Oh my goodness - it was amazing, beautiful, really big and over 6100 guest.
We had great views, and nice peaceful mornings drinking our coffee and hot tea. There is just no way to cruise then having your very own veranda.
My Handsome Captian said it will be a nice day to buy some bling!
We did some sight seeing......
...and lots of shopping.....
 ... and animal watching. There were hordes of this along the pier.
... And admiring the clear beautiful water off the pier...
 ...and we did a ton of this... sitting, watching, napping, reading, art journaling and holding hands!
 I just had to share this art work. This is just one of the three large pieces of the over 2000 commissioned art work that was displayed on the ship. I love this open book with the burst of paper butterflies emerging from it. Just beautiful. Maybe one day I may make my own design from the idea.

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