Found Them

 I located the red white and blue swap cards... geeze.. this this what getting older is all about? Uck!
The above card is by Sarah Smith. Love it because it can be used for a Birthday card too. I just love Sarah, she is not only an amazing stamper, she is also the queen of organization AND a die hard Stampin Up Fan! Waaahoo!
This gorgeous card is by Carolyn Houck and she is fairly new to the Stamping scene. She always asked if her cards are "okay"! Shoooooot-- what do you think! Look better then okay to me!

I am undergoing eye surgery this morning, so if you think of it would you say a little prayer for me. I am a bit nervous.... well truth, a lot nervous! It is really not a big deal, "so I have been told," but its my eyes, and they are bad as it is. I am having lasik so I am praying it will help me see better and not need super powered contacts or glasses with bifocals anymore. So thanks for thinking of me in advance.

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