When handsome and I went on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise this past month I took my art bag with me. I did these while we were in flight, or waiting, or just lounging around. It was the best form of relaxation for me, since I don't sit still very well. I seam to need to have my hands moving or holding a book. I did get a little reading in, but not as much as I did in my art journal. I carried with me my leather pencil holder and a little box plus my journal. It all fit in the back pack with the camera just perfectly. Best part handsome didn't mind carrying the bag! 

 St Thomas had the best view from our veranda. We were sea side and it is a beautiful harbor.

It is always good to be home, but leaving paradise is also hard.

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  1. Very beautiful paintings Deb. Better than photographs, with the inclusive journalling. I cannot sit still without doing something, either. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday :D