The Good Life

 While visiting Cumberland Lake we stayed in the nicest cabin right on the lake. It was a beautiful week. We didn't do a lot, just hung out, shopped, eat, visited, and laughed at each other! The cabin was decorated in a primitive country style that made it very comfy and cozy. As you know I took my art bag and enjoyed every minute journaling about our time together.
 This is right off the dock in front of the cabin. The hike down was a little bit of a trek, but the old folks could do it just fine.
 Goofy guys thought they were in jail, in fact there were in front of the old bank window from a old coal mining company town in Stearn's KY.

 Mom and Dad sat while we explored the falls, it was beautiful. The trails were great and it was really cool down under some of the paths that wound around huge rocks.
 I get the best pictures when Handsome is in them!
They say at dusk you can see a moon glow off the falls.
Silly girl found a seat in a rock and took a rest!

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