MMmmmmm Coffee

Now that we are headed into cooler weather.... humm coffee! I do love the smell of coffee. Handsome and I found ourselves looking at a travel trailer a few days ago and thinking camping might be fun..... we then quickly talked ourselves out of it! It might be fun once in a while, but to lay out a bunch of money on a trailer and all the stuff that goes with it...... we used to camp back in the day... but now ... well..... naaaa! Think we might just stick with the Holiday Inn camping! Ha!

But back to my story, we ended up in the parking lot of a home grown business. Jameson Coffee. Oh my goodness. The owner invited us in to see..... OH was I uber excited. We love Jameson Coffee and wasn't able to find it anymore as the little shop in town closed down. But now I have the inside scoop. He let me smell some of the flavors and how it all comes together. He has a coffee that is grown in Haiti by a Christian organization. WOW! It is fantastic tasting. So if you are loving coffee and love to support local home grown business - well check out Jameson Coffee.

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  1. What a fabulous cup and the aroma is wonderful, wafting over from the wonderful steam you have going on there, hehe. How fab that you had the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of coffee making, mmm, mm! I'm with you on the camping thing, too, nix to that and give me four walls and a comfy bed everytime. :o)) x