Boo Bark

This yummy-ness is super easy to make. I used my Demarle silpat mat and poured on melted chocolate almond bark to about 1/4" think or so, then sprinkled on chopped up Halloween Oreo cookies, candy corn and chopped pretzels. I pushed the cookies, candy and pretzels into the chocolate a little just to be sure they were "stuck" good. Then I melted white chocolate almond bark and drizzled and blooped it over the crushed goodies. You can add sprinkles too if you want. All I had on hand was pink, blue and Christmas sprinkles, and that sure wouldn't work for this holiday treat. Pop it in the fridge till it hardens. Remove from fridge, break apart, and fill treat bags. The kids loved them. I love the easy and how cute it is. You can change up the color of the treats for any holiday.

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