Chill Pills

This is the last snowman mint I have to share. Did you know that Tic Tacs come in different sizes? I didn't till I went on the hunt for them. The dollar store, Wal-Mart and the gas stations sale all different sizes! Ha, who knew?

I printed the tag "Chill Pills" on the computer, cut out a square and stamped some little snowflakes on it then glued it to the back of the box where all the great nutrition info is listed (really, like we need to know that Tic Tacs are bad for us)! I then punched out some punch shapes and made a few little snowmen faces with hats like on the other snowmen mints I made and pop dotted them on the box.

Cute right! Well it gets better. You could get the orange Tic Tacs and call it Snowman noses. Cuteness! AND we all could use a few chill pills during the holidays.

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  1. Oh he is so cute. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain