Sheltering Tree

If you have been looking for an all around great stamp set good for all holidays and occasions. Well look no more this is the one. It is the perfect stamp set for all that and more. This set has so many possibilities and creative uses. Just click on the underlined link below to take you to the order page.

Sheltering Tree Photopolymer Stamp Set by Stampin' Up!
Sheltering Tree Photopolymer Stamp Set 137163
Price: $25.00
Create your own friendship-scape with flowers, bikes, and trees. These Two-Step stamps give you so many creative options--combine individual stamps to build the final image you want in the colors you want.

Our top-quality photopolymer stamps have just enough give to create a perfectly stamped image every time. They're entirely transparent for perfect image placement, and they adhere well to our clear blocks. You'll only need one set of blocks for all your photopolymer stamps (blocks sold separately). The stamps come packaged in cases with images on the spine for easy storage and quick reference.

Quantity: 14 photopolymer stamps

Suggested clear blocks (sold separately): a, b, e, h
Sheltering Tree Photopolymer Stamp Set by Stampin' Up!

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