Shadowed Treasures

 I want to share this cash drawer shadow box I found in a barn sale a few months back. I dug it out of a pile of stuff and gave the guy $7-$8 bucks for it. Brought it home, cleaned it up, oiled it and add teeth hangers on the back. Then I set out to collect some uber cuts little stuff to put it in.
 I didn't have to look to far for this as this was my great grandmothers pen cushion. I have a secret love for pin cushions, and this is my most treasured one. One of these days when I find some time.. hahahah! I'm gonna make a few.
 Oh this little bunny - He looks like he was dug out of a mud hole, but I found him in my antique, yard sale, junk'in travels one day and he had to come home with me. I love his little heart nose.
This little hand made basket was the steal of the day when we visited the "Lazy Days" in Gosport Indiana in August. A guy made this as a test to see how small he could make a basket and he gave it away for $2! I was so happy to have found it and it looks perfect in the cash drawer.
The button bouquet I made. The tiny sewing machine was a gift from my sweet friend Pam Wright, the tiny crystal tea cup came from our Door County vacation trip. To much fun filling this. Now I'll have to get another one and fill! If only I had wall space for another one! 

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