Kitchen Remodel

Well it all started off with wanting more seating in my kitchen. The 19 of us gather in the kitchen that sate 6-8 at best! Even thou we did a huge remodel a few years ago and added a bigger dining room, and extended the porch to a all season garden room, we always use the kitchen!
Guess it is really the heart of the house! What you see above it the room off the kitchen the was the dining room, that wasn't used as a dining room ever (20 yrs) ever! So we took out the above cabinets and desk, removed the wall paper that everyone in the house but me hated. I love it! Bob and the girls thought it looked like jail bars!
Removed and beginning to repair walls. The floor was fixed where the cabinets set and it all worked out perfect.
This is the new sitting room, with a small table, 4 chairs and my loved antique chairs too. I do have the window dressing done, but no picture of that yet. I am super happy with the out come, and it is such a nice size room and we can sit 6 in there and 4 at the counter!
Now for the kitchen.
From the day we built the house and for every 20 years that has followed I have hated the kitchen cabinets with a passion. They are boring, dull, to dark, (and I like dark wood) just yucky! So .....
When you are in a middle of a remodel, stuff is moved here then there, and then back to here! Oh my goodness. What a mess it was for a few weeks. But I am so in love with my new kitchen.
It is the french country kitchen I always wanted. With a wonderful new sink, and faucet, finished off the back splashed. I had crown molding put in on the cabinets tops and then the cabinets professionally painted. I then glazed them for a more antique look and warm them up a bit. Handsome (my husband, Bobby) sealed them for wear and tare.
Handsome painted the kitchen walls and we got new quarts counter tops. I am so happy happy happy with my new kitchen. We also saved over $20,000 in just painting the cabinets instead of replacing them. The sticker shock in cabinets - holy cow!
We have some touch up paint to finish up and a few little things to do, but hey - I am so tickled pink with the finished work. If you are looking for an amazing contractor to help with your projects - Pat Miles 812-340-2641 is fantastic! We highly recommend him and the counter top company. Quality Surfaces 812-876-5838 are awesome to work with. The job they did was beyond outstanding.

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