So what do you do when you can’t sleep…. Write blog posts! Guess it’s going be one of those night? 

So how was your New Years? We had family over for food and games, and I cannot tell you the last time I laughed so hard. What a great time. So did you make any New Year reservations… HA!  Yep ya know me…. No resolutions for me, usually! 

This post is kind of a resolution. I need to make space in my studio and to do that, I must let go of some of my loved tools and stamps. So I’m having a huge sale. So here some great totally awesome buys for you to celebrate. 

 Stampin Up 3-Way Flower Doily Punch $15 + $5 Shipping

3 Way Punch $8 + $5 Shipping

8-Way Circle Heart Punch, great for scrapbooking layouts. $15 +$6 shipping SOLD

8- Way Square Flower Punch $15 + $6 shipping SOLD

Stampin Up Slot Corner Punch $6 + $4 Shipping

Stampin Up Diamond Corner Punch $7 + $4 Shipping

Stampin Up Double Arrow Punch $9 + 5 Shipping

Filigree Corner Punch $3 + $4 Shipping

Flower Border Punch $6 + $5 Shipping

Heart Embossing Tool $5 + $3 Shipping

Stampin Up Large Flower Border Punch $15 + $6 Shipping

Long Reach Flower Punch $3 + $4 Shipping SOLD

Loop Corner Punch $5 + $4 Shipping SOLD

Scallop Corner Punch $3 + $4 Shipping

Stampin Up Small Dot Ribbon Border Punch $8 + $5 Shipping

Stampin Up Snowman Punch $6 + $4 Shipping SOLD

Stampin Up Tiny Envelope Punch $9 + $5 Shipping SOLD

Stampin Up Triple Arrow Punch $9 + $5 Shipping

Stampin Up Triple Pieces Punch $9 + $5 Shipping

Contact me if interested. I can take Pay Pal. If shipping is less then quoted I will refund difference over $1. Reduced shipping for multi - purchase if applicable. All sales final. All items are used and in good working order. Stampin Up punches are retired, so I only have one of each. Smoke free home. 

Don't miss out on some great buys. Keep your eyes on my posts are there will be stamps sets and more coming soon1

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