Dinner Time- meat loaf

I tested out my Demarle round mold to make a meat loaf and it was super yummy. My daughter said it was the best I ever made. I am sure the new pan had something to do with it, as it is the same recipe I use every time!

This picture is gross, thawed meat and it looks like it is in yellow milk! Well it is dear burger (that we process ourselves) a partial package of bulk sausage. I made homemade pizzas the night before, and what was left of the sausage I added to the loaf. I usually use sausage in the loaf anyway. Lots of seasonings, and the yellow milk is a package of brown gravy mix. I don't care for the tomato type topping on meat loaf, I have always used brown gravy instead. I put the octagon silpat mat over the round mold and baked it for an hour and about 10-15 minutes at 375 degrees.
I almost didn't get a picture of it in the pan before we ate it. No baked on sticky hard as a rock to get off goop on the sides of this pan! Woo hoo easy clean up. I love my Demarle pans.
Dinner is served! Yes the brown gravy is then spooned on the meat and the potatoes. I used a new recipe for the potatoes too. Added sour cream, butter, parsley, salt and a bit of garlic. Oh my yummy-fied! What are you cooking tonight? Reservations! Yes, I would prefer that too... but we cannot eat out every night.
Happy Cooking!

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