Snap Pouches

I love these super cute snap pouches. My dear friend Janice Rowe shared this pattern with me. I whipped up a few of these the other day. Super quick and it takes a metal measuring tape in the casing at the top to get the "snap" closure. I plan to use the brown one as my swap card carrier. There is about 25 cards in there ready for swapping. It is the perfect size.
 My third quilting project and I learned how to make a prairie Point Tabs. I am happy with the outcome, and even more happy that I used some of my ever loved fat quarter stash. I am out of Stampin Up fabric right now since I used it all for the tissue holders!
This is the inside. The lining is cut a little longer and folded to the outside to become the casing. I am unable to share the pattern as it is copyrighted, but you may find it at Stitchin' Sisters.  If you are not interested in making your own, and want one. I will be happy to make one for you. The two lavender colored ones are available for $8 each. Contact me for more details.

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