My youngest stamp club member Clair made this adorable card to swap with everyone. Mommy helped punch out the shapes and Clair put it all together all by her self.

Okay, so who old do you think Clair is to do such a great job on this card?  Nope she is 4! Yep 4 years old, and she will sit for hours just stamping and cutting, and gluing away. And she has been doing this since she could sit up and hold a glue stick.

If Clair can do this at 4 - I cannot wait to see what she creates as she grows older - WOW! Thanks Clair (and mommy) for this adorable card.

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  1. Sorry I missed this - what a clever wee girl, I bet she is so proud of it. I certainly would be! Looking forward to seeing more from her :D