Room Organization

I like a neat studio - well at least most everything in its place. It is not always like that and it doesn't always stay like that. Here is a little idea for storing some loose stamps. I love old things, well antiques anyway. We never had any growing up so I don't know where my love for old tattered worn things came from.
Both of these old typesetter drawers come from antique shops and were priced perfect for my budget. Many times they are really expensive. So when I saw these that were in need of a lot of cleaning and a bit of repair I scored and now look at them. Perfect for my little odds and ends stamps. Ahh - organization with antiques. Perfect for me.

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  1. A very excellent storage solution Debs. As these beauties get rarer, their prices get higher. How fortunate you were to get them at a good price. Have a lovely weekend :o)