Pocket Letter

 My sweet friend Pam Wright sent me this Pocket Letter. I was so blown away by it. It has little ATC cards in each pocket with encouraging notes and quotes to me. She made each card. Added a tag and had it wrapped in a large paper doily.
 Opening this up was such a special moment for me and reading all the wonderful sayings she added. I was in aw of it and then ...I flipped it over! There was a little gift of something in each pocket back. Most of the items was card making embellishments and such. I just love this idea and would love to make one like this for a few special people in my life too.
Great idea Pam and thank you so very much for thinking of me in this special way. Love you to pieces girlfriend.

Here is a littlt bit of Pam's letter to me. Let me tell you after receiving this and reading the letter I was walking on sunshine all day and then some!

Dear Debbie,
My pocket letter is to thank you for all your years of encouragement and friendship. You may see your Stampin Up as a business, but to those you touch through your business you are unleashing something inside that person for the better. You are sharing your talents, you are sharing encouragement, you are helping with personal growth, you are giving women an opportunity to explore. You have helped us all make new friendships and new experiences.
Your friend always.
Love, Pam

Pretty awesome right. Pam is an awesome, amazing beautiful friend, that I will hold close to my heart and treasure forever. 

And continuing with my life saga and no blog posts for a while, we went on a vacation with the whole family! We visited Sturgeon Bay, WI it was so beautiful and relaxing. We had a wonderful time with all the family. Bob's parents, Emily and Jay, Dad and Candace all went with us. It was a blast to be all together having down time and fun.

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