Teaching Social Painting Classes

 So you have been wondering where I've been? All is well really, just busy and tired from being busy. I been taking dad to Cardiac Rehab, and its an hour drive from my house, so that has eaten up most of my time three days a week.

Then I taught two painting classes for the first time ever in West Baden and French Lick Indiana. It is about 2.5 hr drive from my home. Holy moly if you have never been there. GO! It is so beautiful. It was like stepping back in time. The hotel is so beautiful and the antiques are amazing. The service was outstanding, good food. Nice comfortable bed. It is expensive! But it was wonderful that Bobby and I was able to sneek away just the two of us for a little while.

The painting shown here are the two that I taught. I was so happy with the students and we had such a fun time. The Friday morning class was filled with ladies who were guests of the Small Firm and Solo Bar Association Conference. They painted the posy painting in colors of their choice. I was so pleased with the way it all turned out.

The tree painting was taught at 10pm after the conference attendees had a full day of sessions. Late for me and them both - you can only imagine the fun we had! I couldn't form most of my words, my brain wasn't working right and we were all in it together! There were men and women in the second class and it was really fun to meet them.

I have pictures on my phone, now if I can just figure out how to down load those to the computer and share them with you. So stay tuned. If I don't get it figured out, at least you will see some fun posts.

Oh guess I should mention I am beginning to teach social painting in my home to begin. With caring for dad it is best I try to stick to doing this extra stuff at home. So if you live close by and would love to come and bring some friends, let me know. For a 12x12 painting cost is $15. You bring the snacks, drinks and friends. I supply the paint, brushes, canvas, and space. This is also a wonderful way to do a fund raiser. You can tack on any amount above the $15 and it will be given to your special project.  I can do morning, afternoons and evening classes. Just let me know when you want to book your event. 

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